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The Directorate General of Pharmaceutical affairs and Drug Control is providing a number of services to the public directly and indirectly, those services include, licensing of private pharmaceutical establishments ( pharmacies, drug stores, drug manufacturers and scientific offices ), licensing of pharmacist and assistant pharmacist for working in the private pharmaceutical establishments and inspection of those establishment to assure proper implementation of pharmacy practice law and the ministerial decisions inforcing it, receiving comments and complaints from the public concerning an violation and taking the necessary actions as stated in the above mention law. DGPA&DC after registering the pharmaceutical companies, there products and pricing those products with issue the list of the registered products and the list of medicine price and distribute them among all private pharmacies in addition to keep those list in MOH website ready for reference to all . DGPA&DC is responsible for drug clearance in general and also for personal drug clearance to the public after assuring there commitments with the terms and conditions mentioned in the ministerial decision NO.84/2000 . DGPA&DC in corporation and coordination with health care providers is monitoring drug post marketing surveillance, by encouraging health care providers to report and send the adverse drug reaction to the concern department for necessary action , in case of any risk or dangerous side affect of any drug DGPA&DC will immediately take to precautional measurements by instructing all to stop prescribing and dispensing such product and withdraw from the market . DGPA&DC also responsible for drug analysis for both governmental and private sector to assure its quality, safety and efficacy as per the standard specification . DGPA&DC send inspectors to visit the international pharmaceutical manufacturer to assure they are following the cGMP prior to registration.

Directorate General of Pharmaceutical affairs & Drug Control

The Directorate General of Pharmaceutical affairs & Drug Control is the Regulatory body which is responsible for the Assurance of affective, safe and good quality drugs in Oman whether manufactured locally in Oman or exported from outside the sultanate, and that will be achieved by implementing the pharmacy practice law issued against the Royal Decree No 41/ 91 and its amendments

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