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Pharmacy Licensing Department

Pharmacy Department :- includes 3 sections ( Pharmaceutical establishment licensing section , pharmacist and assistant pharmacist licensing section , inspection section ).

Pharmacy department is responsible for licensing and renewal of pharmaceutical establishment licenses , pharmacist and assistant pharmacist as well as carrying out the inspection for the pharmaceutical establishment to assure the enforcement of practice law issued against the royal decree no. 41/ 96 and the ministerial decision inforcing it .

Drug Control Department

Drug control department :- includes 4 sections ( Registration section, drug clearance section , dangerous drug section, international communication section) .

the department is responsible for registration and re-registration of pharmaceutical companies and their products, and pricing of those products , also responsible for giving clearance for the imported drugs, issuing license for import and dealing with narcotic and psychotropic drugs ) as well as postmarketing surveillance ( Pharmacovigilance ).

Central Quality Control Department

Central quality control department :- Includes a number of sections : receiving section , physical analysis section, chemical analysis section, microbiological analysis section , pharmacological analysis section , herbal products analysis section, biotechnology products analysis section.

Quality control lab is carrying out drug analysis including registration samples as well as those imported from outside the country to assure that they meet the standard specification.

Department of Pharmacovigilance and Drug information

Department of Pharmacovigilance and Drug Information (DPV&DI): Consist of 3 Sections :Pharmacovigilance of Human Medicines Section,Pharmacovigilance of Herbal Medicines & Health Product Section and Drug Information Section.DPV&DI, the National Center for pharmacovigilance in the Sultanate, is committed to post-marketing surveillance of pharmaceuticals/herbals/health products available,ensuring quality medicines.

Objectives of the Department: Post marketing surveillance of medicines. Receive, evaluate and analyze reports of side effects/ adverse reactions and problems associated with medication such as quality defects and medication errors and take possible action. Promote awareness on public health and safety by responding to enquiries on information related to medicines and their effects. Coordinate with local health institutions and international Pharmacovigilance collaborating Centres to prevent frequency and adverse effects of drugs. Preparing and circulating periodic and annual reports on the received notifications of advers drug reaction reports in the Sultanate.

Equipment and Medical Devices Control Department:

Equipment and Medical Devices Control Department includes six sections: Medical Devices Registration Section,Laboratory & Surgical Supplies Section,Vigilance of Equipment & Medical Devices Section,Release of Imported/Exported of Equipment & Medical Devices Section,Licensing for Surgical/Medical Appliances Manufacturing Institutions Section and Laboratory Section.

This Department provide the following services: Registration of Medical Devices, Surgical Items manufactured in Oman or abroad. Releasing the Imported/Exported the Medical Devices or Surgical Items that they are already finalized all the registration procedures and they are approved by our Dept. Issue licenses for Medical Devices & Surgical Appliances Manufacturing Sites valid for 2 years from the date of issue. Reporting all the side effects of using Medical Devices & Surgical Appliances and taking the right action to promote public health & safety of patients. Investigation of Medical Devices & Surgical Appliances to check the accurate and quality.

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