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Secure Registration service is a pre-requisite to access all other clinical services, including patient charts, medical appointments, blood donation registration and other future clinical services.

This service allows you to prove that you have the right to access a particular patient record stored in one of the instances of Alshifa Hospital Information Systems in hospitals, polyclinics and health centers run by Ministry of Health across Oman. It allows you to do the same for dependends.

To access this service:

  1. Sign into eHealth Portal by clicking Sign In button above 
  2. A new button called My MoH will appear on the top bar, click this to go to the dashboards  
  3. Next, click Patient Dashboard  

On the Patient Dashboard, you will see all patient related services.To securely register yourself, use the New Registration Button under the Your Healthcare Facilities application.







To securely register your dependents, like your children, click on Manage Dependents under Your Dependents application.








Both these services will send a One Time Pin (OTP) code as SMS to the mobile number registered in the system in the selected healthcare facility. If you need to update the mobile number, please contact the healthcare facility.