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            PRICE LIST LAST UPDATE 07-05-2024

                     SUPP 07-05-2024


     .  List of Bioequivalence Centers Approved Locally 

  • List of registered pharmaceutical Manufactures & products


           List of registered pharmaceutical Manufactures



     List of drugs  under registration :


      1) List of products under registration by Active Ingredients.



List of required pharmacutical product for registration.



            List of Registered Herbal Medicines

                Herbal Medicines

         List of Registered Health Products

                  Health Products

         List of Registered Medicated Medical Devices

                 Medicated Medical Devices

        List of Herbal Companies

               Herabal Companies

  •  Product Classification

     Submission for Classification should be online as per the below link:

  • Pharmaceutical companies and products

  a) Registration of pharmaceutical company as per below form:

      FORM A

  b) Registration of pharmaceutical products:

       eCTD Guideline

        eCTD Guidline version 3 (oman) - Draft

eCTD Guideline version 2 (Oman)

eCTD GCC M1 Specifications

 c) Submission of Variation of pharmaceutical products:

Guidance on submission of variation of registered pharmaceutical companies/products.

GCC Guideline for variation (version 6.1)

D) Biocovigilance Registration Guidelines

   BCS Biowaiver Application Form

  • Herbal Companies & Products

Registration of Herbal companies and products as per Circular no.28/2008:

 Circular no.28/2008

1) Herbal companies registration (Form)

2) Herbal product registration (Form)

  • Health Products

Guidance on the requirements for registration of Health Products

1) Circular 64/2005 (guideline for health products registration)

2) Circular 46/2008(variation application) 

3) Circular 56/2021 Registration Application form of Health Products

4) Circular 225/2022 Registration Application form of Medicated Cosmetic Products

  • Medicated Device

Guidance on the requirement for marketing approval of medical devices containing medicinal products (Circular 20/2012)

Regn. Of Medical Devices -FORM M

Circular 55/2021